I never thought that growing old could happen to me.  Sounds nuts right? It's not that I thought I would die young. I just thought I would be young forever. In my family, the emphasis was on being financially prepared and less about the mental or spiritual preparation for the second act of our lives. Since I spent most of my adult life as a working single mother, it was alI I could do to just show up, let alone "plan for the future".  The entire process of growing old was not something I could stomach or think about and being well prepared for the future became a deep burden of guilt.

Now that I am at the doorway of "retirement" I still feel the resistance.  For someone like me, who has worked all her life, to rewire seems more appealing than to retire.  So why not rewire and not retire?  Why is it expected that we retire to a less engaged life in the interest of relaxation and recreation even when we are healthy and alert? Do we really deserve it? How can we turn our backs on the planet and not help clean up the mess we helped create? I set out on a mission to find people of interest that could help me understand this stage of adult life that holds not only mystery but giftedness. I imagined that I was not alone in desiring a renewed sense of purpose and launched the podcast Elder and Wiser to broadcast my conversations with the interesting people I have met along my path.

I hope you follow along this journey with me through my podcast, articles and social media.

All my best,