What does it mean to be Elder and Wiser?



Elder and Wiser is a state of being that communicates stewardship for younger generations to come. For me, living role models have been scarce and precious. I know for sure, that it is imperative in these challenging times that we become the elders that our world longs for us to be.



Betsy Heeney,
Elder and Wiser podcast host, producer, and writer 

My intention is to hold space for  conversations, articles, and various media to inspire the awakening of aging adults to lead creative engaged lives with the intention to benefit the lives of younger generations. This now includes my own generation -Boomers, but also Generation X's and Millennials. If you yearn to be visible, to have your voice heard and your lives filled with purpose and meaning that is of benefit to others and the repair of our planet, then I truly believe you have found your home of like minded people @Elder&Wiser.